Elise H. Mahoney

Welcome to my photography site!

I am a local Santa Cruz photographer, capturing images of everyday life mainly in Santa Cruz, but also while traveling through California, Morocco, France and Mexico. I am instinctively drawn to everyday settings and objects that observe human presence through its absence, or to settings that reflect an echo of a story told.

My artistic vision is to create a strong and interesting visual image using shape, color, and texture and to capture the image with one shot. I do not alter the structure of the original image, but with the computer as my darkroom, I sometimes apply a digital wash to enrich the story or emotion of the photograph.

Photography has allowed me to be more observant and aware of the beauty in everyday things. When my photographic “eye” is tuned in, it allows me to capture and preserve that beauty or story that I, and others may have otherwise missed. I hope you see that beauty in my photographs!